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We are a grassroots group, located and operating in Southeast Michigan, with headquarters in Washtenaw County. We are centered and focused on getting big & dark money out of our politics, and seek to overrule the 2010 "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision. We are working with other groups, locally, statewide in Michigan, and across the country, to reverse the takeover of our government by corporations and unlimited wealth. Our group is nonpartisan and all are welcome.  We engage in educational and advocacy activities to promote a new democracy movement in our state and country.

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The growing ability of corporations and very wealthy individuals to interfere with America’s democratic institutions should alarm you, regardless of your political viewpoint. The corrosive influence of big money in elections and lawmaking is obvious and indisputable. It is making a mockery of “one person, one vote”. Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe something must be done immediately to remedy this situation.


The January, 2010 ruling of the U. S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. FEC changed our political landscape and endangered the independence of our government at all levels. Money has always had an influence on elections and lawmaking. However, this ruling opened the floodgates to unprecedented, unlimited and undisclosed spending by corporations and wealthy individuals.

Something needs to be done.

  • Educate

    • About the effects of big & dark money & what we can do about it

  • Advocate

    • With people we know and new friends we make

  • Motivate

    • Others to join in fighting big & dark money in our politics

  • Communicate

    • Publish

      • A monthly Newsletter that reaches ~1,600 people

    • Meet

      • Monthly, with our members and friends, virtually, and hopefully in person again

  • Cooperate

    • With related organizations & allies (see ALLIES page here), locally, statewide, and nationally

  • Activate

    • Take actions in our area and communities

    • Conduct (non-financial) "Lobby Days"

      • In Lansing, with MI legislators, in 2020

      • In conjunction with American Promise,
        May 4-6, 2021 (see more here)

    • Hold events

      • Have a booth at local art fairs and gatherings

      • March in local parades, e.g., 4th of July

      • Meet with Allies and help each other

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Art Fair Road.jpg

For the past many years, we at ROAD have had a booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, meeting, engaging, and informing people from all over. We plan to be there again, and invite you to visit us there.
Here we are at the last one, having fun and taking names!

ROAD Petitions Lansing.png

Speaking of taking names, here is a group of ROAD members bringing a pile of petitions collected at the Art Fairs to a MI legislator at our Capitol in Lansing.

ROAD Group at the  4th of July Parade in Ann Arbor

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