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ROAD adopted organizational bylaws on November 11, 2013

Reclaim Our American Democracy (ROAD) From Big Money

ARTICLE I – Non-Profit Association

The following By-Laws are adopted to establish a non-profit association named  Reclaim Our American Democracy (ROAD) From Big Money  which is organized exclusively for research, educational and advocacy purposes.

ARTICLE II – Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to conduct research, educational, informational, and advocacy activities to increase public awareness, and influence public policy, about issues relating to the influence of corporate and private wealth in elections, legislation, and regulations, at all levels of government.

ARTICLE III – Membership

Sec. 1. Membership shall be open to any individual who supports the Mission Statement of Reclaim Our American Democracy  (ROAD) From Big Money.

Sec. 2. Membership dues shall be $5 per year, payable in advance. Members more than three months in arrears in dues shall lose voting privileges until their annual membership dues are paid.

ARTICLE IV – Officers and Executive Board

Sec. 1.  The Officers of Reclaim Our American Democracy (ROAD) From Big Money  shall be:  Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and four At-Large Executive Board Members.

Sec. 2.  The Executive Board shall consist of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and the four At-Large Executive Board members.

Sec. 3.  Officers and Executive Board members shall be elected by the membership at  a meeting,  with terms of office of two years.  The annual election of Officers and Executive Board members shall be held in January.

Sec. 4.   The terms of At-Large Executive Board members will be staggered with half of them elected each year.

Sec. 5.  An Officer who wishes to resign shall give written notice to ROAD.  The resignation is effective without acceptance when the notice is given to ROAD, unless a later effective date is specified in the notice.

Sec. 6.    If a vacancy occurs among the Officers or Executive Board the members may fill the vacancy, or, if authorized by the members, the remaining members of the Executive Board, even if less than a quorum, may fill the vacancy.

ARTICLE V – Schedule and Quorum for Meetings

Sec. 1.  Membership Meetings shall be held at least annually.  Public announcement of the meeting and individual notice to each  member in good standing shall be made at least two weeks  prior to the Membership Meeting.

Sec. 2.  Membership meetings shall be open to the public.

Sec. 3.  One-fifth of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for membership meetings.

Sec. 4.  Membership Meetings shall be called by, and scheduled  by , the Executive Board, or called by a petition of 5% of the membership.

Sec.5.    The membership, at its meetings, shall have the ultimate decision-making authority for the association.

Sec. 6.  The membership and the Executive Board may at each meeting adopt rules for their procedure.  Unless otherwise adopted, decisions and issues regarding procedure shall be governed by the latest version of Roberts Rules of Order.

Sec. 7.  The Executive Board shall meet monthly, unless determined differently by the Executive Board.  Executive Board meetings and all other meetings shall be open to all members.  The Executive Board meetings shall be announced to all members at least one week prior to the meeting.

Sec. 8.  The quorum for the Executive Board shall be four members.

Sec. 9.  The Executive Board shall have decision-making authority for the association between annual meetings.

Sec. 10.   At an annual Membership Meeting:

(1)  there  must be an election  by the members of successors for officers and Executive Board members  whose terms have expired or whose terms expire at  that annual meeting;

(2) there must be a report on the activities and financial condition of the organization;  and

(3) the members shall consider and act upon other matters as may be raised consistent with the notice of meeting requirements.

ARTICLE VI – Duties of Officers and Executive Board

Sec. 1.  The Chair shall preside at all meetings.

Sec. 2.  The Chair shall have executive supervision over activities of the association within the scope provided by these bylaws.  The Chair shall have decision- making authority between meetings of the Executive Board and annual meetings, except as provided in Article VII, Sec. 1.

Sec. 3.   The Treasurer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of association funds, for maintaining adequate financial records, and for depositing all monies with a reliable banking company in the name of the association. The Treasurer shall collect dues and shall make an annual report at a annual meeting and to the Executive Board as requested.

Sec. 4.  The Secretary shall keep minutes of the association membership meetings, and the Executive Board meetings, and maintain a list of members with addresses and contact information.

Sec. 5.   The Executive Board may create non-policy committee for special events or projects, or for permanent activities such as fundraising, public relations and publicity, or communications.  The Executive Board may also create policy committees, composed of members.

All committees shall report to the Executive Board.

Sec. 6.  Two members of the Executive Board, excluding the Treasurer, shall be chosen by the Executive Board to conduct an annual audit of financial records and report back to the Board.

ARTICLE VII – Amendment of By-Laws

Sec. 1.  These By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the members present at a properly scheduled and announced  meeting with a quorum present.  Proposed amendments must be in writing, they shall submitted to the Secretary,  and if possible included in the announcement of the meeting.

Sec. 2.   When an amendment to the By-Laws has been adopted, a copy of the amendment must be prepared that states the text of the amendment, states the fact that ROAD has adopted the amendment, and states the date of adoption of the amendment.

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