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1. Citizens United v FEC:  the decision:  See a useful summary of the case and its significance at Wikipedia,
click here. To see the Supreme Court’s formal decision, click here.  Don’t miss Justice John Paul Steven’s dissent!


2.  Pennsylvania court holds that Corporations are not the same as persons.  In a decision dealing with the fracking industry, the Washington County (Pennsylvania) Court of Common Pleas stated: “Whether a right of privacy for businesses exists within the …rights of Pennsylvania’s constitution is a matter of first impression. … It does not.”  The ruling was noted by John Bonifaz, Executive Director of Free Speech For People (, as “…a significant development for the growing movement to restore democracy to the people.”  For details see:


3. New Supreme Court case could “double down” on Citizens United:   The US Supreme Court has accepted a case which could make the impact of the Citizens United case even worse. The case is McCutcheon v. FEC :   Activists have already called for actions to let the Supreme Court know it must not expand the mistakes of the original Citizens United case:

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